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Outdoor furniture maker

Outdoor furniture maker

You enjoy putting the finishing touches to furniture and are therefore a fine final link in our interior construction process. You assemble the perfectly designed custom-made furniture with the confidence of your team at a wide range of customers. You work pleasantly together with colleagues at various locations throughout the country. The variation in jobs and environments allows you to continue to develop your craftsmanship and resourcefulness and gives you a great sense of freedom. You know that you are INTOS' calling card on location and perform this role enthusiastically. As such, you provide the customer, from the direct end user to the architect, with a clear explanation of the process and execution whenever required. In short: no matter how big or small the job is, you ensure a delivery of stature!

Does this position suit your desire to develop further as an interior builder in an independent way? Then read more about this vacancy as a joiner in the field at INTOS in Haarlem.

What will you do?

A day as a joiner field service at INTOS? You can!

You arrive at our recently renovated premises, have a cup of coffee and check your daily schedule. Then you and a colleague load up your van for the day. With this equipment and an extensive toolbox, you will neatly assemble the diverse furniture for the headquarters of a film production company on location. On the way, you will discuss the planning for this project and the approach on location, so that you can start working there immediately. Once you arrive, the parts of the furniture to be installed are ready for you to assemble. Together with your colleague, you assemble the furniture piece by piece and ensure the right finishing touches. This creates a cool, high-quality end product!

At lunchtime, you have lunch with your colleague. After the break, the customer comes by to ask how things are going. As INTOS' contact person on site, you inform him of the progress and answer questions. You communicate things that are different than expected with this customer over the phone to your team members and together with them you look for a suitable solution. At the end of the day, you clean up your stuff, so the customer is not bothered, and drive back to INTOS. Back at the office, you discuss the day with your team members and check whether you are still on schedule. You also take a look at tomorrow's planning, so you know what to expect then.

Want to get even more views on this position?

Take a look at our project page and find out which interior design projects we have already completed.

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Vacancy furniture maker field service

Who are we looking for?

Knowledge & experience

  • Minimum 3 years' relevant work experience as a cabinetmaker or interior fitter;
  • A completed secondary vocational education in a technical field;
  • A driving licence B;
  • Knowledge of materials and understanding of various manufacturing techniques;
  • A good command of the Dutch language.

What do we offer?

  • A flexible and challenging role in which you will build interiors on site. Once again view the latest interior design projects?;
  • A full-time position of 38.75 hours per week. If you work overtime these will be paid. On Fridays, you will have a nice three-hour weekend!
  • Salary that shows appreciation for your knowledge, experience and background. Indication: €2,400 - €3,400;
  • Nice benefits offer: 24 holidays and 6 ATV days, a travel allowance, a generous pension scheme, collective health insurance, free use of our gym and bootcamp and a personal budget for tools, safety shoes and work clothes;
  • From all corners of Haarlem, Heemstede, Hoofddorp, Nieuw-Vennep, Zaandam and Beverwijk, INTOS can be reached within about 15 minutes.
  • A fine club of colleagues. You will work in one of our compact and decisive project teams. A project team consists of 20-25 colleagues and projects are realised from A to Z within the team;
  • Down-to-earth and family-oriented working environment in which people enjoy working genuinely together;
  • Plenty of room for your ambitions within our internal development programme INTOP;
  • Various joint activities such as periodic get-togethers, a summer BBQ and an annual weekend away. Want to see more of our corporate culture? Watch our video here 'We are INTOS | Our corporate culture‘.
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You as a person

You are:

  • Someone who loves the variety of content in their work;
  • Likes to be on the move and prefers to work in different locations each time;
  • Flexible and resourceful, as you think in terms of opportunities and possibilities;
  • A real team player, but also works well independently;
  • Social and easy to get along with different people and parties;
  • Living in Haarlem or surrounding area.


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