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Internships at INTOS in different shapes and sizes

"At INTOS, they are not interns, but really part of the team."

At INTOS, we offer internships of all shapes and sizes. For pupils and students from secondary school to higher vocational education, from a work experience day to a BBL apprenticeship and from internships in the workshop to the office. Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our colleagues and close coordination with various educational institutions, we provide good internship guidance. Consequently, we have been an accredited training company since 2010.

Workplace internships

With great regularity, secondary school students, including those from special and practical education, and intermediate vocational students in carpentry or interior design, join us in the implementation of our interior design projects. The work placements vary from taster courses to BOL placements and BBL apprenticeships. In these, we let interns work on various projects; from small to large and for companies and organisations in various sectors, such as Google, Netflix, Schiphol, the Bijenkorf and Rituals. Depending on their age and knowledge level, they also learn to work with different large machines during these projects. In the workshop, six practical trainers continuously supervise our trainees, but all colleagues are open to teaching trainees a lot and helping them where necessary.

Office internships

In the office, we offer traineeships from various types of positions. Most of them are traineeships for intermediate vocational courses in furniture construction or interior design. Trainees brush up their knowledge of materials, devise various constructions, learn to draw with the Vectorworks programme and see all the other facets of work preparation, such as making calculations. However, we also offer separate traineeships for calculators. Besides these MBO courses, there are also regular opportunities for higher vocational (mechanical) engineering students, Business Studies, Finance & Control and Business Administration. These traineeships are always supervised by an experienced colleague with whom the trainee is paired and, of course, the rest of the team.

Why INTOS invests in interns?

Hilde Plak, HR Officer: "As a company, we enjoy imparting our knowledge of the interior construction profession and all related functions. And also to play a role in the valuable experience trainees gain in practising their future profession. By doing so, we contribute to the development of the new generation, qualitative practice of our profession and possibly also to the recruitment of future colleagues. We like to ensure that all our interns have a good time. They are not interns with us, but truly part of the team. This makes it fun for interns to experience what it is like to work at an interior design company and allows them to orientate themselves for their future. Former interns regularly apply for jobs with us. That is of course the feather in our cap!",

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