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Valuable partner in the healthcare sector

In the healthcare sector, the focus is on providing the very best care for patients. The furnishing of any healthcare facility should provide just the right support for that specific care. It should enhance the functionality of various rooms. And also add atmosphere and experience for patients, visitors and employees. The realisation of a furnishing project in healthcare requires specific knowledge and attention to meet the strict guidelines for the healthcare sector. And flexibility to ensure short lead times and minimal disruption of existing care processes. INTOS understands and masters this like no other.

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Since 1991, we have been realising with a sustainable view diverse furnishing projects in this sector. From complete hospital wards and clinics, including all specific areas such as examination, surgery and patient rooms, to general areas. As an interior builder and turnkey main contractor, we add value by contributing ideas on materialisation, detailing and the construction process at an early stage. We also supply radiation protection products and maintenance services, serving clients and end users in the full spectrum.

Atmosphere and functionality Atmosphere and functionality Atmosphere and functionality Atmosphere and functionality Atmosphere and functionality Atmosphere and functionality
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Atmosphere and functionality in healthcare interior projects

Interior design projects in healthcare are hugely diverse. From furnishing X-ray, patient and operating theatres, laboratories and cleanroomsin which very strict requirements play an important role. To general visitor areas such as restaurants, counter areas and waiting rooms, where special furniture determines the atmosphere. INTOS has extensive experience within all these areas and knows all the requirements. In addition, we have an eye for both atmosphere and functionality as well as a realistic view of feasibility in budget and time. By including these aspects in all our interior design projects, realisation is truly a shared concern between us and the client.


INTOS is a highly reliable partner for LUMC
"The cooperation between LUMC and INTOS has been very pleasant for many years. INTOS is an involved party which likes to think along with us about the best execution of our renovation and refurbishment projects. Because INTOS has that specific knowledge and knows the healthcare sector well, they advise us, for instance, on optimising the working space in the patient rooms. Furthermore, in cooperation with us, they develop special interior solutions which focus on the patient experience. Arjan Andriessen, INTOS project director, is here weekly, which makes communication fast and efficient. This is important to us, because in a hospital, care processes always have to go on. The lead times of furnishing projects are as short as possible, but the quality of the furniture is always high. We want to create an environment for our patients where they feel at ease and INTOS is an extremely reliable partner for LUMC in this."

Thorvald Laken

Project leader LUMC Leiden

Radiation protection in healthcare environments.

Protecting people from X-ray and nuclear radiation is crucial in healthcare. INTOS provides this protection at real costs and without the realisation causing inconvenience in existing healthcare processes. This is why we have been offering completely proprietary solutions for radiation-safe workplaces since 1991. Together with the architect and client, we consider how best to realise the required lead thickness, thus providing both safe and cost-saving solutions. We coordinate delivery and installation with internal processes for smooth commissioning.

Proactive partner in sustainability

Sustainability and circularity rightly play an increasingly important role in the choices for furniture and furnishing materials, also in healthcare institutions. Within all our projects, we think proactively about saving materials. By making conscious and optimal material choices and facilitating the reuse, maintenance and modular construction of furniture, among other things. This prevents materials from being wasted unnecessarily. For instance, we polish lead glass that has become cloudy after intensive use. And we relocate our modular lead walls.

Medical product line

Conceptual design of customised patient rooms

Furnishing products in patient rooms must meet the latest requirements, as well as the wishes of the architect and end user. As a result, no two patient wards are the same. INTOS customises the furnishing of entire wards based on a fixed concept. The concept includes a bed back wall with medical feeding unit, a wardrobe with table, a pantry and a special sliding door which saves space in the sluice between the corridor and the patient room. The combination of fixed components with a bespoke design, ensures an always appropriate and unique furnishing. 

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