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Fume cupboards

Self-developed INTOSafe fume cupboards

A laboratory is nothing without the right equipment. The INTOSafe line is INTOS' self-developed range of fume cupboards. The fume cupboards are carefully designed, making them quick and easy to assemble. This also makes them easy to expand with additional options even after installation, and maintenance is easy to carry out due to the accessibility of the various components. The fume cupboards have a ceramic worktop as standard. Its high chemical resistance and temperature resistance make this type of worktop suitable for virtually any purpose in a laboratory. Naturally, they are NEN-14175 certified and comply with the NPR4500 guideline.

Three fume cupboard models in the INTOSafe line

The INTOSafe line consists of 3 models: INTOSafe12, INOTSafe15 and INTOSafe18. These models vary only in width dimensions. The exact sizes, both external and internal, can be found in the table below.

Specifications of fume cupboards

The standard INTOSafe fume cupboards are fully equipped with:

  • LED lighting
  • ceramic worktop
  • CAV system
  • controller with real-time readout
  • optical and acoustic alarm
  • two socket outlets

Expansion options for the fume cupboard

The fume cupboard can be extended as required. Options therein include:

  • gas taps with or without reducing valve
  • additional socket outlets
  • VAV system
  • automatic window operation with timer and sensor
  • SCAT system with level sensor
  • internal wall sockets
  • tripod mount

Fume cupboard base cabinets

The standard fume cupboard base cabinet provides fine storage space when limited in the laboratory. We supply base cabinets in different variants and the width depends on the type of fume cupboard. Naturally, we offer various options in terms of the number of drawers, doors or a combination.

Chemical cabinet as base cabinet for fume cupboard

When chemicals are used frequently, the chemical cabinet as a base cabinet for a fume cupboard is a space- and time-saving solution. As a regular distributor of Asecos safety cabinets, INTOS quickly supplies chemical cabinets in various variants, including for under fume cupboards. In a chemical cabinet, also known as a dust cupboard, storage cabinet, safety cabinet or fire safety cabinet, chemicals and other hazardous substances can be stored safely. This cabinet offers protection because it warns against explosions and fire spread. It also slows down fire development, giving employees in the lab enough time to carry out evacuations or extinguishing operations. In short; an important part of laboratory equipment. The colour of these base cabinets fully matches that of the INTOSafe fume cupboard, making it not only a practical but also an attractive combination.

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