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Lead glass

Lead glass

INTOS is the largest supplier of lead glass in the Netherlands. Safety is an important requirement for every employee in healthcare and elsewhere. INTOS creates safe working and research environments which also provide optimum protection against nuclear and X-ray radiation. We therefore supply lead glass in various sizes, shapes, versions (all possible lead equivalents) and provide advice, delivery and installation and maintenance.

What is lead glass?

Lead glass is a special type of glass that contains lead and can therefore withstand high levels of radiation. Lead glass is used by healthcare, research institutions, airports and industry, among others. Lead glass can be applied at source voltages from 50 kilovolts (KV) to 511 kilo electro volts (KeV).

Lead glass incorporated in doors, walls & screens

INTOS also supplies and installs radiation protection components incorporating lead glass. Examples include lead walls, lead frames, mobile lead screens and (interior) doors. However, lead glass windows are also something INTOS offers.

Various types of lead glass

INTOS supplies lead glass in various designs. The lead value (Pb value) and source voltage (number of kVs) are etched into all lead glass as standard. The implementation options are:

  • Breakthrough-resistant lead glass: a lead pane laminated to float glass by means of a PVB layer. Lead glass in this version is low-maintenance.
  • Soundproof lead glass: laminated lead glass with special acoustic PVB layers.
  • Fire-retardant lead glass: insulating glass comprising a layer of borosilicate, a toughened glass with optimum clarity, and a layer of lead glass. This combination is fire-resistant on both sides.
  • Lead glass with blind: lead glass combined with LCD film. This film can be made milky or clear at the touch of a button. In existing situations, lead glass can also be fitted with this LCD film.

Repairing lead glass

Lead glass is fragile because it is very soft compared to normal glass. Improper cleaning or contact with grease, for example, can cause permanent damage, stains and clouding. From INTOS Maintenance, we can polish the glass to restore optimum clarity.

Lead glass polishing

Clouding or damage to lead glass is corrective resolution by polishing the lead glass without dismantling it. By polishing it, the glass becomes 100% transparent again and the lead equivalent remains unaffected.

Lead glass protection film

There may also be a preventative measure be taken to prevent staining, damage and clouding. In fact, the lead glass can be coated on both sides with a crystal-clear protective film. In this case, the thickness and weight of the lead glass remain almost the same. Even then, the lead glass does not have to be dismantled.

Quickly order lead glass at a competitive price?

Because INTOS delivers lead glass directly from its own stock, we guarantee short delivery times and the most competitive price in our quotations. Please fill in the form below so that our leadglass specialists can send you a quotation as soon as possible.

Why choose INTOS lead glass?

  • Free advice on the application of lead glass in various architectural situations
  • Sharply priced lead glass
  • Standard dimensions in any lead value are available quickly from stock
  • Pb value and source voltage are etched into the glass as standard

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